Located on the Eastern coast of Africa, Tanzania has always been considered land of explorers and adventurers. It is an amazing Country, rich in culture and natural resources, that is worthing to visit at least one time in life.

Thanks to its 16 national parks and a large number of protected areas, Tanzania is the heaven for people who love animals and safaris. Here it is possbile to see easily many animal species – such as elephant, giraffe, wildebeest, antelope, lion and many others.

It is possible to choose among different itineraries:

  • the Northern Circuit, where many famous destinations such as Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater are located; these are as well the areas where it is possbile to see the Great Migration
  • the Southern Circuit, a little more away of the beaten tracks, where it is possbile to discover the various and untouched landscapes of Selous and Ruaha
  • the Western Circuit, the amazing and secluded parks of Katavi and Mahale Mountains, misterious and fascinating also because difficult to reach
  • the Lakes, from the amazing Lake Tanganyka to the wide Lake Victoria, passing through unique natural spots such as Lake Eyasi and Lake Natron

Aside, a long and rich coastal area. Both the mainland and the islands (Zanzibar archipelago is just the most famous) are populated of coral reef and stunning white sand beaches, often home for endangered species such as sea turtles.

Historical heritage makes the frame complete: signs of the people who passed by Tanzania during centuries – Arabs, Indians, Europeans… are still visible in many places, testimony of many stories and adventures that happened here since the beginning of the World.

Tanzania is a travel not to be missed!

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